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GP Works

Investing in tomorrow’s workforce strengthens our students and your company’s future.

GP Pathways is Greater Peoria’s portal to connect you with the workforce of tomorrow.

What is Greater Peoria Works?

Greater Peoria Works is an online database available to our region’s middle and high schools, connecting them to local companies and career-development opportunities like internships, job shadows, and more.

Employers can now use Greater Peoria Works to connect with local high school students and educators, offering internships, job shadow opportunities, and more.

Greater Peoria Works connects to Career Coach, provided by Illinois Central College. Explore Career Coach today!

Become a Greater Peoria Works Partner

Become a Greater Peoria Works Partner and interact with area students & educators engaged in career exploration.

As an employer, here are the steps to take

  1. Register a Greater Peoria Works account.
  2. Login and create your company profile highlight your industry, company, and expectations as an employer.
  3. Then list any career development opportunities like internships, job shadows, and more.

Register today → Login →

 Interact with tomorrow’s workforce in and out of the classroom

interactYour company profile will then be visible for local students to find as they search and explore Career Coach.

Students can open discussion threads with you to ask questions and gain more information. Discussion threads are then visible for other students to read so they may learn more. They can also contact you to inquire about openings, work experience opportunities, events, and more.

Your profile will also allow educators to connect with you about visiting their classrooms or bringing their classroom to your workplace.

The benefit is that students and educators can easily discover you and reach out, and you can play a significant role in the development of your future talent.


Get in Touch

To register or find out more on how you can help us build a sustainable talent pipeline for Greater Peoria, please contact Brent Baker

Jeffrey Inman
Director of Workforce Solutions



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