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CareerSpark 2021

Resources for Students

Prepare for virtual career exploration! 

CareerSpark is an immersive, virtual experience guiding you through the many choices in careers. You will learn what it is like to be a nurse, firefighter, lawyer, architect, and much more. As a student, you are the workforce of the future but to join the workforce you have to know what it is you want to do.

Come join over 5,000 other students in exploring careers in our most in-demand industries and create your plan for the future. The possibilities are endless, and CareerSpark gives you a place to start!

Exhibitor List

Interested in getting a head start and seeing what career options are available to you? This list outlines what companies and careers will have a “booth” on the vFairs platform for you to check out starting October 6th through CareerSpark.

College Planning Resources

College is Possible for Everyone! It’s Never too Early to Start Planning!

While college may seem like it’s far away, it’s never too early to start learning and planning for the future. There  have also never been as many resources and opportunities to get into college! Programs like the FAFSA, MAP, and more offer free money to those who need extra help to get into college; keep reading to learn more.

Career Coach

The road to success can be a long one, one where the destination is sometimes hazy. Today, mapping where  you need to go is as easy as entering your destination into a phone, but what about mapping your future?  It’s never been easier using the Claim Your Future game provided by Illinois Student Assistance Commission,  at! Or you can use Career Coach, the free career exploration and planning game  provided by Illinois Central College. Answer some simple questions, get matched to a career, and find the right  college program for you! Check it out today to start planning at

IL College 2 Career Economic Data

Wondering what kind of money you’ll make with the level of postsecondary education you’re planning to  pursue? Use this simulation to see what people with your expected level of education and course of study are  making in central IL! Visit to get started.

Get the Checklist, Make Your Plan

As you get ready for high school, it’s important to have a plan, and the folks at the Illinois Student Assistance  Commission have prepared a checklist to lay out things you can do each year of high school to prepare for  college. Learn what you should be doing each year of high school here.

Find Your College Fit with College GreenLight

Picking the right college can be challenging, but the best way to start is by finding what you enjoy, what  interests you and what you’re good at. When you’ve done that, College Greenlight can help you find the  college that’s the best match for your skills, your plan, and your budget. Visit College Greenlight at www. to get started today!

All About Financial Aid FAFSA, MAP, Scholarships and Loans

Start learning about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid with help from Illinois Central College’s  Financial Aid TV service. This service offers the ability to talk with financial aid counselors on demand, via  internet chat, email, or phone to help you navigate the college exploration process. You can also watch videos  to learn about financial aid options and how they all work. Visit to start learning today!

More Resources

O*NET Interest Profiler

The O*NET Interest Profiler is an interactive tool for job seekers and students to learn more about their career  options. My Next Move has tasks, skills, salary information, and more for over 900 different careers.

What Color is My Parachute? For teens 

This book gives timeless advice, up-to-the-minute insights. With more than ten million copies sold over fifty  years, the world’s most popular and best-selling career guide is fully revised and expanded for 2021.


This website offers free personality and aptitude tests to help determine your personality type, talents, career  interests and more! Learn more at

StrengthsExplorer for Students

StrengthsExplorer outlines the 10 possible Talent Themes in the Strengths Explorer framework, and contains  links to resources that parents can use to develop their children. Learn more at

Highlands Ability Battery Test

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is a human assessment tool that objectively measures your natural abilities by asking you to perform specific tasks or exercises. As part of the Highlands Whole Person Model, the HAB is the foundation and starting point to identify the career best suited for you. The HAB was founded on the work of research scientist Johnson O’Connor, who devoted his life to the study of human engineering. You can find more information at

Talk to your guidance counselor and parents!

Your guidance counselor can help you connect with programs and paths that match your interests. Talk to your  parents about their career journey. You may be surprised to find where they started out!

Past Participant Testimonials

Here’s what a few past students have said about this experience:

  • I learned how the more you look into things the more you can learn. I looked into being a surgeon because I’ve wanted to be one since I was little and I found out so much more about being one then I ever thought I could.
  • The coolest thing I learned from CareerSpark is probably the amount of jobs that are out there. It definitely opens your eyes to the possibilities.
  • I learned the difference between every job and how they all have their own unique features.

Get in Touch

To get help with registration or find out more on how you can be involved with CareerSpark 2021, please contact Kari Rauh.

Kari Rauh
GPEDC Director of Workforce Solutions

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